Dating around kids can be really challenging. I believe mothers can date more consciously and expansively, and if they did, everybody would be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

When I found myself a single mum, there was very little help for rebuilding my love life. All the traditional advice treated single mums as an afterthought. I felt my situation needed more emphasis. I knew single mums faced unique challenges and deserved specialised advice. I believe that mums do not need to compromise in their romantic aspirations or coaching

I work across all aspects of your intimate and romantic lives, from recovering from heartbreak and trauma to integrating a new partner into your family unit and anything in between. I help women date more consciously and expansively around children.

Whatever stage you are at in your romantic journey, I can help guide and empower you to make the changes you are looking for in your intimate life. Maybe you are not ready to date yet and need to reconnect to your own sexuality. Maybe you want to date casually but are not looking for anyone to become a big part of your life. Maybe you have been dating but are not sure this person is a great fit, or maybe you are ready to let a new partner into your home and children's lives. 


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Dating as a mother has unique challenges, and let's face it, most traditional dating advice just isn't practical for us around naps, after-school clubs, and the very early nights in. It can feel overwhelming to even think about allowing someone new in after what happened last time, and add to that not always feeling sexually empowered in our post-small folk can feel like a very tall order.

I promise you that despite all these challenges, not only do you deserve a rich and vibrant sex life and the partnership you truly desire, but you are also in a great place to get that. 

I'm Julia Kotziamani, a lovesex, and relationship coach working with single mums, dating mums, lone parents, and women not in relationships with their children's other parents.

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