VIP: Stop Dating Down and Move On, Mumma!

This is the one for those mighty mums who know they deserve nothing but the best! This is the package for women who know they can have the best, and want to invest in a radical romantic transformation! My 5-day intensive course on learning your patterns, resetting your romantic life, changing the way you date, and dating the truly worthy plus a tailored 1-1 package and loads of extras for the Queens who desire the very best.

VIP Mumma!

The Course of Your Dreams

More than 20 hours of content, videos, worksheets, and exercises. 5-modules of material you can take at your own pace. You get lifetime access to the signature 'Stop Dating Down and Move On, Mumma!' online program, plus our brand new 'Dating App Bootcamp', my 'Top 10 places to meet great people', '5 ways to tell if it's worth a second date' and lots of mediations and tips.

Unique to You

This package also offers you 1-1 sessions with me. This is where we will go deep...super deep....into your own personal romantic journey, what you want, and how to get it. Sessions at the start, middle, and end of your course mean that you will get access to the very best bespoke coaching advice just you and me. These sessions are usually only for my top tier 1-1 clients and will transform your intimate life.

Community of Goddesses

This package offers you access to my beautiful community of mothers on the same journey as you. With ongoing support, guidance, and loads of exclusive content, this space is priceless for your ongoing development. watch out...change is coming!

Get More from your Relationships!

We will be looking into your romantic patterns and how to give them a full reset, moving on from your past, and looking forward to dating from an empowered place where it can actually be... fun. It is time to make changes and call in the partner (or partners) you truly desire, who will add to your life...not take away!

For Mighty Mums Who Know They Deserve The Best of The Best!

Designed especially for single mums kicking butt and ready to invest in the transformation they deserve. This VIP package is the deep dive into the root causes of our dating woes, how we can reset our romances, and get really ready to attract, notice, and allow great men in. This is the place to reboot your love story, and only the truly worthy need apply.

VIP Package includes:

The VIP package gives you bespoke support from Julia, with three hours of 1-1 coaching to guide you through your unique journey. She will arrange three sessions at the start, middle, and end of the course to ensure you have the support you need. You will also have direct access to Julia via Whatsapp messaging 9-5 invaluable bonus usually only reserved for our very top-end coaching packages.

This course is intended to require 15 hours to complete over 5 days. These can be taken at your own pace and comfort. All you need is something to write with and a quiet space. You must be ready to make radical changes in your love life, and this can be uncomfortable, so set aside some real blocks of time for yourself and your process...even if that's over the course of several weeks.

I may suggest extra reading and interesting books that I think you may find helpful during our coaching sessions. These are just suggestions, which may add to your experience but are not essential. The extra reading time and the price of external materials are not included in the course.  

'Stop Dating Down and Move on, Mumma' 5-day short course. The reason we are all here...the incredible flagship course that transforms the lives of mums who date! This is the deep dive into your patterns, history, and any baggage you bring into your dating world - a total reset to help you go out and enjoy dating high-quality partners with confidence.

  • Module 1 "Failure? Who? Me?" helps you change the way you show up in the world. Here we start turning our former "failures" into our biggest assets.
  • Module 2, "Patterns and Progress" we learn why we date the way we do. A chance to get really clear on our romantic patterns (yes, we all have them) and start breaking them down and rearranging them to serve us.
  • Module 3 "Moving On" in this challenging session, we look at what trauma and resentment we are still holding on to. This is the heavy lifting of working through what has happened to gain clarity and strategy to leave it behind for good. 
  • Module 4 "Calling In Your Future" helps you start looking forward with excitement! We have tackled the hardest parts, and now it's time to make plans and learn how to integrate and build our future!
  • Finally, in Module 5 'Saving the Date' we learn how to date with ease and confidence...however long it's been. Dating can and should be fun! After this session, you'll be racing to go on your next one!

Investment £400

'Stop Dating Losers and Create Space' 90-minute workshop. This is the start point, a chance to get really clear on your dating intentions and pull the emergency brake on dating those who do not serve you.

Investment £99

3 'Power Hour' 1-1 sessions with Julia Kotziamani. Booked separately, these appointments are normally priced at £150 each. We will be going really deep into your personal, romantic situation, where you have come from, and what specifically you are looking to change. There is nothing like the speed and depth of 1-1 coaching, and these sessions will have an enormous impact on your dating life from the first session. 

Investment £450

Dating App Bootcamp! Our revolutionary blitz on all your dating app needs. Previously only available as a live workshop, this is the place to get lean on time and high on the efficiency of your dating app activity. We strip back the noise to give you clarity and amazing hacks for meeting more of what you want and much less of what you don't. We give you a step-by-step guide for creating the perfect profile, tips for meeting partners who, along with your desires, and ways out of time-wasting chat. 

Investment £47

Bonus materials, meditations, reading lists, and worksheets. Invaluable research and a great investment in your love life. You will get access to incredible bonus materials such as '10 Places to meet great new people' and '5 Ways to know if it's worth a second date', along with meditations and recommended reading. There is also a workbook to help you really make the best of the sessions. 

Investment £300

Total value: £1296

VIP price:  just £773


Move on Mumma!

Find the partner you truly desire, learn how to feel confident dating, and how to let go of your past..!


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