Lockdown is Actually Awesome for Mums who Date

Mar 05, 2021
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I hear you, Mumma. You’re at the end of your rope, and the kids are driving you bonkers. This homeschool business has gone on too long. You can’t wait for schools to re-open. They seem to never go to bed on time, and they are watching more TV than you would like. It’s all gone on a little longer than is fun. 

I hear you, Mumma, and I am here to tell you that in spite of all this, it is actually an AWESOME time for mums in the dating game. 

It’s Levelled the Playing Field

Under normal circumstances, everyone kidless meets up and dates every night of the week. Every free half-hour in someone’s diary is an opportunity. There are breakfast dates, morning coffee breaks, lunchtime picnics, afternoon teas, after-work drinks, dinners, movies, and watching the sun-rise. It’s constant. Now we mums do not have that kind of time. And, I would argue, it’s not a good strategy for finding love, even if you did.

If love is what you are after, then making space to meet people is something to prioritise, sure, but it’s just not going to happen in the same way as it does for those with no family commitments. Free-time is hard to come by as a solo parent, and this means you will naturally be going on fewer dates IRL than those without the small-folk.

Lockdown has changed everything. With everyone dating online only, you can Zoom your way to a nap-time brunch and into a coffee date and do a late-night cocktail too.  With many of us at home and a bit more flexible on the work hours, you can continue a better rapport over Match.com around Class Dojo (insert your homeschool app here). Get your apps out!



Your Pre-screen Game is Epic

Dating online-only gives you some fantastic advantages when it comes to saving time and properly vetting those you want to see more of in real life.

Babysitting bills, speedy oven-dinners for the kids with your rollers in before the cab arrives, and giving up the one Saturday evening off this month are not negligible costs. I know this one personally. I’ve been stood-up, flaked-on at the very last minute, or, maybe even worse, found myself on terribly grim dates: Shout out to the man who had 3 pints to my 1 and then slurred at me totally out of context that he was “sure someone likes curvy girls,” so not to “give up hope!”

Not anymore!

Now we can see people from the comfort of our living room, and if it’s a rough ride, we can simply wrap-up the conversation and watch Ru-Paul instead. Heck, we can do this while still half-dressed in our joggers if we want, no fuss, no muss. And if it’s terrible, well then... I’m..so...sor...my....con-ec...tion....your....break-in...g...up!

You Can Cast a Much Wider Net

It’s an opportunity to think larger on your dating map. What is stopping you from talking to people slightly beyond your usual circles? We usually limit our search to a few miles from home or stick to meeting people in our local haunts. Well, the lockdown has provided us with ample opportunity to think a bit bigger. Try online forums on topics you are interested in and chat to a person you would never normally run into. Logistics can come in later, it’s a chance to see what’s really out there. Why limit your search to the ok matches in your town, when your ideal partner is 5 miles outside your tinder radius?


F*CK the Chemistry

When we meet new people with romantic intentions in mind, it’s so easy to think with your dick. Who hasn’t been there, gazing into the steamy eyes of a person that is so objectively toxic for us that we should run for the hills, but...they......smell...soooooo....good.

The chemistry makes us doolally, and when it’s sitting right next to you at the bar with its knee touching yours, it somewhat clouds our impeccable judgment. Before you know it, Mr. or Mrs. Hot-but-a-Heartbreak has got into your head, under your skin, and into your pants. Thanks to ‘Rona, you get to stay a safe social distance and let the actual words they say affect how you feel, not that little shock of electricity in your underwear.

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