5 days to Stop Dating Down and Move on, Mumma!

A 5-day intensive course. Turn your challenges into assets! Learn your patterns and break the bad ones. Move on - really move on, manifest your new relationship, get date-ready, and have fun!

This short-course will include videos, worksheets, a little bit of meditation, activities, and further reading... if you want it! Brought to you, by me, Julia Kotziamani. 


Stop Dating Down and Move On, Mumma!


'Stop Dating Losers and Move on Mumma' 5-day short course 

This is a deep dive into your patterns, history and any baggage you bring into your dating world. A total reset to help you go out and enjoy dating high-quality partners with confidence.

  • Module 1 'Failure? Who? Me?' helps you change the way you show up in the world - turning our former "failures" into our biggest assets.
  • Module 2 'Patterns and Progress' we learn why we date the way we do. Get clear on our romantic patterns, start to break them down, and rearrange them to serve us.
  • Module 3 "Moving On" in this challenging session we look at what trauma and resentment we are still holding on to.
  • Module 4 "Calling In Your Future" helps you to start look forward with excitement! Learn how to integrate and build our future!
  • Finally in Module 5 'Saving the Date' we learn how to date with ease and confidence... however long it's been. Dating made fun! 

'Stop Dating Losers and Create Space' 90-minute workshop 

The foundation workshop for this course; this is the start point, a chance to get really clear on your dating intentions and pull the emergency brake on dating those people who do not serve you.

Bonus materials, meditations, reading lists, and worksheets 

Invaluable research and a great investment in your love life. You will get access to incredible bonus materials such as '10 Places to meet great new people' and '5 Ways to know if it's worth a second date', along with meditations and recommended reading. There is also a workbook to help you really make the best of the sessions. 

Move on, Mumma!

 Move On, Mumma! VIP Package


For those kick-ass mums who want nothing but the best and are ready to make radical transformations, with a tailored experience!

Everything that is included in the 'Stop Dating Down and Move On, Mumma' package plus:

3 'Power Hour' 1-1 sessions with Julia Kotziamani 

Booked at a time that suits you, these private sessions go really deep into your personal romantic situation, where you have come from, and what specifically you are looking to change. There is nothing like the speed and depth of 1-1 coaching and these sessions will have an enormous impact on your dating life from the very first session. 

Dating App Bootcamp! 

Our revolutionary blitz on all your dating app game. Previously only available as a live workshop, this is the place to get lean on the time and high on the efficiency of your dating app activity. We strip back the noise to give you clarity and amazing hacks for meeting more of what you want, and much less of what you don't. We give you a step-by-step guide for creating the perfect profile, tips for meeting partners who along with your desires, and ways out of time-wasting chat. 

Direct Access to Julia via WhatsApp 

For advice on the go, this package offers you the chance to get your questions answered as they come up with direct access to Julia via WhatsApp from Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Julia will personally respond to your messages, perfect for those pre-date jitters, queries and times of crisis. 


VIP Mumma!

Benefits of this course


12 hours of content, videos, worksheets, and exercises. 5-days of material you can take at your own pace that will help you move on with your romantic life. 

Access to a community of mothers, including myself, on the same journey as you. Ongoing support, guidance, and updates. 

Lots of bonus material! Meditations and mantras. Dating tips, how and where to find the right partner, when it's worth a second date, and when it's not!

Course Syllabus


5 days to learn - 5 ways to Move on!


- In Module 1

We start looking at how we really feel about being a single mum, and how we can sometimes be our own worst enemies.

Here we will:

  • Get really honest about how motherhood changed our lives.
  • Learn how to turn our failures into assets.
  • Look at whether we feel worthy of amazing relationships.
  • Thank and let go of our limiting beliefs.
  • Find some inspiration!

This is where we do the foundation work of discovering how we really feel about ourselves as single mums and whether we are holding on to any beliefs that are holding us back from dating. It is all about shifting your mindset and the way you see yourself in dating, helping you recognise your value as a woman and all the things you can do!

If you have ever felt "less than" or think you need to sacrifice for your ideal love life, this is going to be an eye-opener!

- In Module 2

  • Look at what healthy love is, and isn't.
  • Consider any patterns we keep returning to in our romantic lives.
  • Go back in time to seek out the root causes of any toxic patterns.
  • Work out our dominant attachment style.
  • See what and where we need to let go.
  • Find out how to reconnect to our intuition and start dating with our eyes open.

This is for you if you don't yet understand why you find certain people appealing, even when they aren't what you are looking at on paper, and why you keep returning time and time again to the same sort of person. We learn practical tips to chose healthier coping strategies for our loneliness, and start enjoying the process of searching for love!

- In Module 3

We will be looking at any emotional baggage we have been holding on to and how we can put down the load and lighten up our love lives again...it is supposed to be fun after all!

Here we will:

  • Take a microscope to the complex emotions we have around our ex-lovers.
  • Learn how to feel into ourselves and work out exactly what hurts and how.
  • Consider what we might be really grieving for and how to do that healthily.
  • Look at where we have added to our situation.
  • Discover what we can and can't control and the wisdom to chose where we put our emotional energy.

Without analysing how we really feel about our current situation, the trials and traumas we have faced, and understanding the process of grief, we will often be carrying emotions (positive and negatives) for way longer than serves us. This module is about clearing the path so you can move on...really, move on!

In Module 4

Clarity on your vision. It's time to get really specific on what we are really after in a new romance, what that looks like for you, and how to start drawing it in. This is not passive, and you will have to dig deep, but this is the stuff dreams are made of and how they become a reality.

Now it is time for a shift to facing forward, not backward, and focussing on developing that dream romantic life we are all looking for... whatever that looks like for you!

Here we will be :

  • Thinking about the myths we hold about love and what it can do for our lives.
  • Taking some energy back in-house to top ourselves up first.
  • Working out what we are really seeking for ourselves and our children.
  • Thinking about the healthy sexual attractions we have and how to have more of them come our way!
  • Looking at areas of our lives, we would like to expand and grow
  • Learning how to become the creator, not a consumer of our lives, and make some radical shifts!

It is time for an energy shift, and after this, you will be clear on where you are going and how you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination!

- Module 5

This is the one for you if you have ever been really nervous about how to get and show up on dates in the first place. It is not always easy, but dating can be such a fun area of your social schedule, and here you will find out how to smash it out of the park every single time.

We will:

  • Learn some effortless energy shifts which will have a huge impact on how we show up on dates.
  • Show up as a vibrant, exciting individual who is more than (but also is) a mother.
  • Work out the amazing qualities we have and how to bring them to the table early on with a new partner.
  • Develop our powers of igniting desire and becoming a date they will never forget.
  • Use powerful questioning techniques to really work out if they are a person we would like to see again.

This is all about reclaiming your dating confidence and channeling the excitement and nerves into becoming someone who is really brilliant at dating with intention. Remember, dating is NOT an interview, and it takes skills you may not use in your everyday lives. It is time to step into your more powerful feminine energy and recognise you have the choice of any type of relationship you are really dreaming of!

It is time to smolder, Mumma!

Your course outcomes:

We will be looking into your romantic patterns and how to give them a full reset, moving on from our pasts, and looking forward to dating from an empowered place where it can actually be... fun.

By the end of this course, you will be able to: identify and take responsibility for your challenges in the dating game. Accept these challenges as part of the beautiful and complex person that makes you yourself. Identify your dating habits that are keeping you in a loop, and break free! Build a new template from which you will attract new energy. Find good matches and date with confidence!!!